Designing innovative and sustainable systems that empower black and brown students to achieve excellence by improving academic, social, and economic outcomes.    

"Without new visions we don’t know what to build, only what to knock down."
Robin D.G. Kelley

The right to a quality education is a natural right in which all children deserve; the freedom to be held to high expectations while feeling understood, heard, and loved is what our Black and Brown students need. Freedom Dreams envisions a new liberatarian education system where marginalized youth are empowered to disrupt the same systems that have failed them. 

Engage. Elevate. Empower.

Advise & Consult 
 We serve as a strategic thought partner to support system design thinking that liberates and transforms.

Create Student Pathways 
We support districts and schools to design quality student- centered College & Career Pathways that engage, empower, and create opportunities for life long success.

Train & Coach
 We provide district, school, and community training series that promote student engagement, empowerment and excellence. 

Design & Facilitate
 We work directly with partners to support advocacy, leadership development, and redesign efforts. 

Our Approach

We believe that education is a tool to liberation; as such, students need to be held to high expectations and taught the skills to navigate and achieve at their highest potential. 



1. We emphasize the needs and goals of Black and Brown students, families and communities over the needs and desires of individuals. 

2. We understand that relationships and interconnectedness between people play a central role in transforming oppressive systems.

3. We believe that decisions can only be made when the most marginalized voices have a seat at the table. 

4. We identify and strategize to dismantle inequities that exist within the system and individual schools.

5. We Reflect. 


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